„Poverty and the Common Good” – Third Annual Conference on Human Dignity



to the Third Annual Conference on Human Dignity 26-29 June 2014

Third Annual Conference on Human Dignity will take place in Rome, 26-29 June 2014. The title of this year’s Conference, which is being generously supported by the Novae Terrae Foundation, and the Christian Political Foundation for Europe is: „Poverty and the Common Good: putting the ‘preferential option for the poor’ at the service of human dignity.”

The Conference Programme is now available here, and all other details regarding will be made available on our website in due course. It is important to note, as with every year, all participants must register in advance.


We are expecting attendance to be very high, with politicians, NGOs, clergy and academics from all over Europe already confirmed.

The Dignitatis Humanae Institute, of which Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke once said „it is indeed the most important organization promoting human dignity in the world today”, was formed in the European Parliament in 2008 as a reaction against the militant secularism that is on the rise throughout the world today.

We look forward to seeing you in Rome!

Fraternally in Christ,

Honorary President

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Poverty and the Common Good:

putting the ‘preferential option for the poor’ at the service of human dignity

Session 1: What factors create or diminish poverty, from a Christian anthropological perspective?

Module 1 – An analysis of the economic consequences implied by the Judaeo-Christian belief that man is made in the image and likeness of God

Module 2 – Putting Man back at the centre: why the person is still essential

Module 3 – The connection between the profit motive and the reduction of poverty

Session 2: The Church and the ‘preferential option for the poor’

Module 1 – Why does the Church have a preferential option for the poor?

Module 2 – When the Church prays for the poor – what exactly are we praying for?

Module 3 – The Church’s complex relationship with the idea of ‘wealth’

Session 3: Various aspects of the contemporary Culture of Waste

Module 1 – The ‘thrown away’ consequences of godless materialism: the unborn, youth, the disabled, the sick, the elderly and the Catholic response of solidarity

Module 2 – Slavery in the modern world: a sin that cries to Heaven for vengeance

Module 3 –  Man as the means rather than the end: the marketing of Man-as-thing

Session 4: The Common Good: The ‘preferential option for the poor’ at the service of human dignity

Module 1 – ‘Natural rights’, the rule of law and property rights – a Christian philosophical response

Module 2 – Promoting the Common Good: how can all Christians work together to eliminate poverty?

Module 3 – Should Christians impose limits on wealth creation?

Ajută la promovarea fundamentelor morale ale societății.


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