Scrisoarea unei femei împotriva politicii Facebook și Apple de congelare a ovulelor angajatelor


O femeie din Irlanda a avut o reacție mai puțin „corectă politic” la recentul anunț al companiilor Facebook și Apple că vor oferi angajatelor lor posibiltatea de a-și congela ovulele pentru a putea munci o perioadă mai îndelungată, urmând „să devină mame mai târziu” (de fapt, niciodată).

Aisling Geoghegan din Dublin a adresat conducerii Facebook următoarea scrisoare prin intermediul cotidianului Irish Times:

Sir, – It is convenient for Facebook if women delay having children, and that is what makes their new policy so unethical (“Facebook offers to freeze eggs of employees”, October 18th). Once employees have children, priorities change and the most important thing in life becomes their child, not their job. By offering to pay $20,000 to freeze eggs, Facebook is sending the message that a woman’s career might be hindered if she decides to have a child earlier rather than later. Multinational corporations should never be involved in the decision about when to start a family. Facebook has been criticised for not having enough female employees, but asking women to freeze their eggs is not the way to keep some of their most valuable workers. A better way to spend $20,000 would be offering better onsite childcare or, maybe more importantly, introducing paternity leave for their male employees. – Yours, etc,


Dublin 1.

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