Surrogacy (Surrogate motherhood) White Paper


surrogacy-1Is surrogacy the answer to infertility or a violation of women and children’s rights? Is there a human right to have a child? Surrogacy law is emerging as a patchwork among and within countries. In the midst of policy debates, real lives are being affected by this practice.

Our new white paper explains the various types of surrogacy and the difficulty fitting it into existing areas of law. It also raises concerns related to human dignity and human rights, such as whether they can be reconciled with a practice that arguably treats women and children’s bodies like commodities. It also provides an overview of national, regional, and international legal mechanisms related to surrogacy.

Surrogacy | White Paper (download pdf)
Authors: World Youth Alliance
Albert Mengual, J.D., Alliance Advocacy Fellow
and Nadja Wolfe, J.D., Director of Advocacy

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