VIDEO „What can i do to make my country stronger?” Syria’s First Lady, Asma al-Assad


Syria’s First Lady Asma, wife of President Bashar Al-Assad, speaks for the first time in 8 years – and for the first time since the war against Syria began – in an interview. We feel that our readers deserve, now as Christmas is approaching and we here in Europe tend to forget about the evils of this world, to hear this discussion with an impressive woman, not about shopping and frivolous chats, but about veterans and grieving families; not about gender ideology and micro-aggressions, but about hard times and difficult choices; not about fake feminism, but about standing with her husband and family when barbarians are at the gates.

Mrs Al-Assad is the living antithesis to the raging ignorance, barbarism, hatred and brutality of the Syrian Arab Republic’s dreadful foes, plentiful supported by the so-called „civilized West”.

Asma al-Assad, born 11 August 1975 as Asma al-Akhras, was born, raised and educated in the United Kingdom by Syrian-born parents. She graduated from King’s College London in 1996 with a bachelor’s degree in computer science and French literature. She briefly pursued a career in international investment banking before moving to Syria to marry President Bashar al-Assad in December 2000.

Asma al-Assad is currently subject to economic sanctions relating to high level Syrian government officials, making it illegal in the European Union to provide her with certain material assistance, or for her to obtain certain products and curtailing her ability to travel within the rotten EU.

Children: Karim, Zein and Hafez.

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