Romanian Prayer Breakfast „State and Church – a joint mission for peace and reconciliation”


romanian-parliament-prayer-breakfastThe annual Romanian Prayer Breakfast was organized between 25-28 September 2015 in Putna, Romania by the Parlimentary Ecoumenic Prayer Group in cooperation with European Christian Political Movement (ECPM). The theme of conference was Peace and Reconciliation. The event was opened by MP Peter Andea, greeting high officials from the spiritual world as well as politicians.

His highness the abbot of the Putna Monastery Father Melchisedec Velnic shared with the atendees a short history of the region encouraging them to reflect on forgiveness as a solution to peace. In the same line of thought the ECPM individual member, deputy Nicolae Mircovici emphasising on the importance of having peace relations between the church and the state. Florica Chereches, romanian deputy and also Ecpm Individual Member has underlined the responsibility we have as christians for a morally healthy country.

Among the international guests Anastasios Nerantzis the Secretary General of the Interparlimentary Assembly of Orthodoxy had a presentation about peace from the perspective of the state.

ECPM was represented by our Director for European Affairs and Policy Advising, Leo van Doesburg who read a Bible text from 2 Corinthians 5:16-21 and Psalm 85: 9-14 after which he presented the theme of reconciliation as a process based on Jesus’s sermon on the mount.

Professor Corneliu Constantineanu, former rector to the Pentecostal Theological Institute and currently PhD Doctor of reconciliation in Christian Theology explained that the source of conflicts come from identity and the reconciliation for these conflicts is found also in the identity.

Furthermore, Antonio Brandi, president of Pro Vita Italia brought a message of reflection on the risks that can generate comflict in order to avoid them. Adam Sambrook, Deputy Head of Mission to the Embassy of Great Britain in Romania had a word about tolerance and finding a way to solve problems.

As a conclusion pastor Liviu Axinte talked about the need to firstly be reconciled to God in order to be reconciled with the others. (

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