Exiting a Dead End Road: A GPS for Christians in Public Discourse (e-book)


gps-for-christiansVă semnalăm cartea „Exiting a Dead End Road: A GPS for Christians in Public Discourse”, editori Martin și Gudrun Kugler, apărută în Austria la Kairos Publications.

Volumul reunește opinii ale unor personalități creștine care încearcă să identifice principalele dificultăți cu care se confruntă creștinismul în Occident precum și soluții pentru ca discursul creștin să își regăsească influența în spațiul public.

Volumul este disponibil, în limba engleză, în format electronic sau tipărit, aici (contra cost).

Gudrun Kugler conduce Observatorul asupra Intoleranței și Discriminării împotriva Creștinilor, un ONG european care supraveghează actele de discriminare îndreptate contra creștinilor din Europa. Observatorul produce rapoarte anuale.

Cuprins – „Exiting a Dead End Road: A GPS for Christians in Public Discourse”:

Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeev – Foreword

1. What’s Wrong With the West?
Gudrun Kugler – No Successor for Don Camillo. On the Marginalization of Christians in Europe
Michael Prüller – Understanding the Secular Crisis of Christianity
Cardinal Christoph Schönborn – Christianity. Alien Presence or Foundation of the West?
Robert George, William Saunders – What’s Wrong With the West?
David Quinn – Building a Berlin Wall Around Christianity. The Attempt to Quarantine Religion and How to Resist it
Piero Tozzi – From ’48 to ’68: The Decline of Universal Rights, and the Cultural Ascent of the Latex Left
Luca Volonté – Torquemada’s Conspiracy. The Lunar Eclipse Which Hit Rocco Buttiglione
Flavio Felice – Thinking Europe in a New Way. Understanding Rights Talk
Jakob Cornides – Rights Talk or Natural Law?
Fr. Jean-Pierre Schouppe – Freedom of Religion in the Jurisprudence of the Court of Strasbourg: Collective and Institutional Profiles
Jane Adolphe – Marriage and the Family, Rights of Parents and Children: Reflections on the International Bill of Human Rights and the Convention of the Rights of the Child
Jakob Cornides – Fiat aequalitas et pereat mundus? How Anti-Discrimination Policy Undermines the Law
F. J. Borrego Borrego – Problems of Frivolity in the European Court of Human Rights

2. Exiting a Dead End Road
Marguerite Peeters – Dealing with Political Correctness
Mats Tunehag – Towards a Better Understanding of Freedom of Speech
Rocco Buttiglione – Towards a Correct Understanding of Freedom and Tolerance
Ombretta Fumagalli-Carulli – Holding Universal Truths in a Pluralistic Society
Francesc Grané – Looking at the Media from a Christian Perspective
Fr. Kizito Chinedu Nweke – Theism, Antitheism, Atheism in Europe: Their Philosophical Analysis Towards Disagreeing to Agree
Archbishop Charles Chaput – Living Within the Truth: Christian Mission in the New Order of the World
Austin Ruse – More Talladega, Less Sorbonne: How an Evangelical Spirit Could Save Europe
Joseph Weiler – Ways out of the Ghetto

Recomandăm cărțile editurii „Anacronic”


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