„The promotion of family as a subject that develops society should be the principal standard of judgment for politics”. Luca Volonte (Italy), ex-leader, EPP group in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe


[box type=”shadow”]volonta1The report of Luca Giuseppe Volonte (Italy), at the plenary session of the International Forum „Large Families and the Future of Humanity”, Moscow, 10-11 september 2014.

Mr. Volonte is the president Novae Terrae Foundation, and ex-leader of the EPP group in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. [/box]

Thank you, dear chairman! Excellences! Thank you very much!

The promotion of family of itself and as a subject that develops society should be the principal standard of judgment for politics, and as well as useful to evaluate the international commitment of every nation. It’s the first criteria of judgment beyond any different political and opinion party.

In fact, how could it be possible to promote international initiative, sometime also wars included, in support of human right without a real promotion and real defense of human dignity and natural family? How can a country be convinced signing the promotion of human right while genocides are committed through racist abortion? I’ll give you an example: 90% of abortion regard black people in New York State, or plus-chromosomic children in Scandinavian countries and Belgium, and recently, two days ago, the Supreme Court of Switzerland has approved eugenic abortion, and it’s provided for children with Down syndrome. Or depending on the sex of the child – in many countries selective abortion is approved.

The same applies to the promotion of family, the fundamental unit of the society, which founds person and the future citizen of a civil society for every nation. This simple consideration of very brief example founded on general principle of international law are often turned upside down, and principles are moved to the background to advance any political reason, party opinion or geopolitical interest.

The pressure and the controversies regarding the concern about the Ukrainian crisis some Western civil society organizations had to face, from those who wanted to cancel this event, had the goal to overlook the core of today global challenges. Are the person and family the center of the future development of the planet? Or are other interests at the center? New international orders, new markets for weapons industries, new boundaries raised by supplying networks energy, new boundaries of nation which are ethically and religiously homogeneous?

The crucial point they want to submit you is the need to start, or restart, from human dignity and its precondition and development – the natural family, the fundamental unit of the society, as Pope Francis defined in several occasion.

Natural family is the necessary and sufficient precondition to look at the future development of our planet. It is necessary to have different point of view about the future of geopolitical situation, as though it is obvious that there are different opinions about the events, the recent event in Ukraine, but also in Syria, and also in Libya. These different and legitimate opinions should not and could not make us forget the deep communion from which we should always start as person, as association committed in the public square and as a subject of active politics.

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The great citizen mobilization since ten years ago in Italy, Spain, France, Croatia, UK of the latest year are the concrete proof and the social reality which is heterogeneous for what regard party opinion, but united and resolute for what regard the real interest of our society: person and family as imaging of God we recognize.

We should strengthen the deep conviction that we are united and want first of all promote and defend together the same social reason of our nations and peoples: human dignity and family. We promote as positive and unique precondition for the global society.

The corruption of democracies depends first of all on the violence committed by lawmakers and rulers. Today’s genocides are the result of numerous murders of unborn children and the idea to undermine the natural family through different instruments, the latest one was same-sex marriage or civil partnership. Their only goal is to destroy social cohesion and to balance unresponsible education for the future citizens.

We don’t call into the question an inconsistent juridical definition of the principle of discrimination, or some extension sometimes so bizarre, of idea of woman rights, sometime became totalitarian woman rights.

Different categories of rights, this is my opinion, usually are used to delete, simply delete fundamental human right. As it is happening today when the grounds of humanity and society are called into discussion, we should come back to their resolute promotion and defense to be able to evaluate national and international political action of our countries.

At last century a nice book of G.K. Chesterton “Superstition of divorce” described very well the coinciding will and interest that at the time socialist and capitalist have to destroying the family. They want to build a humanity, the new perfect humanity of lonely people, easily manipulated by state, by party or plutocrats of the market.

Great Russian writers and philosophers, namely Nikolai Berdyaev and Solzhenitsyn, have focused on the European crisis, but their lesson went unheeded. From the West, as well from the East, we pretended not to listen to the admonishment from these great men and from many saint pontiffs and saint patriarchs, about the need to restart to promote essential, the urgency to begin again from the human dignity and natural family, without any different political opinion and different geopolitical interest.

Now it’s time to help each other through the friendship that recall us to what is essential – to the fundamental judgment and lighting our political evaluation. This essential judgment needs to be rooted on the two basic human principles and the two human realities, the most important for our common future. Nobody can deny that if there is not freedom of being born and living in a natural family, any other human right becomes a bad joke amid drunk people in a simple pub.

The only way we have to discuss the social damages is to agree as soon as possible on the social idea we want to reach. Are we able to see the national madness? What is going wrong in the world? What does not work? The real problem sometime is that we don’t ask for what is actually right, and it was Chesterton to write this in a famous saying, “I wish that today will be useful for us and for the whole world precisely because today, and from today, and yesterday, we reflect on what is right”.

We want to reaffirm this beyond the political and geopolitical opinions; we want to reaffirm this: human being and family first. Because at the first point in our every life there is a question, “Why are we doing it?” And not only a question, also an answer – because I love my family, I love my life, and I love my children. Thanks.

These two real considerations, so simple experience we can – I don’t want to remember Mr. Obama, but we can… But we should transform, we can and we must re-promote, reaffirm, re-launch the family value. Thank you very much.

Ajută la promovarea fundamentelor morale ale societății.


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