„The root of the culture of death is the separation of love from life” Thomas Ward, president of the National Association of Catholic Families

[box] thomas-wardThe report of Thomas Ward, president of the National Association of Catholic Families (Great Britain), delivered before the participants of the Moscow International Forum “Large Family and Future of Humanity” (September 10-11, 2014) [/box]

Madam Chairman, Christian families of Russia! Thank you for your call to the generosity and joy of large families. We have six children, fourteen grandchildren, and here are four under the age of one.

Yours is a call, a revolutionary call for a new civilization of life and love. It is a challenge to our families, our families, to replace today’s dying culture of death with all of its crazy attacks on humanity, attacks on life, love, sexuality, marriage, family and very-very much on Christianity itself.

It is a culture enforced on our families at home, it is a brutal culture which imposes contraception, abortion, the homosexual agenda and their indoctrination upon the families of poor countries abroad. It is a culture of planned demographic collapse.

But it is a culture in which there are parents, and parents are the only protectors of their children, the only people who can protect children from the imposition of the values of this culture of death. They are the primary educators, and it is difficult. In Germany, Sweden, and two weeks ago in Ireland parents went to prison to protect their children. But parents are the Achilles heel of this culture! Parents’ rights are the Achilles heel of this culture!

And ladies and gentlemen, I would appeal to you, my friends – do not write off the Christian families of the West. We are with you in this struggle! Do not despair of us!

As a family doctor working in a rural area, I have worked for over forty years, defending the family and defending families. Often with success. And I am convinced that the root of the culture of death is the artificial separation in contraceptive sexual intercourse, the separation of love from life.

This separation of life from love has spread from contraception to in vitro fertilization, and now logically and even theologically to something called homosexual marriage. Contraception is associated with a rise, not a fall in the abortion rate; hormonal contraceptives have been known to have an intrinsic abortifacient mode of action since 1926.

Ladies and gentlemen! Contraception is the gateway to the culture of death. It is of itself wrong. But contraception alienates life from love in a second and unrecognized way. Secret contraceptive indoctrination and provision to children without parental knowledge or consent by governments, often at the behest of undemocratic pressure groups, separates our children from our love, from our protection. But alas, it has to be said, if we, parents, contracept, how can we convincingly protect our children from contraception?

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And very revealingly, both of these forms of separation of which I am speaking are promoted by one of the largest, richest multinationals in the world, the birth-control lobby.

Who removed your rights? They were removed through Marxism, which spread from Russia to European Marxism, to Eurocommunism. And we see the same ideas of removal of parents’ rights from many-many sources: Family-Planning Association, the United Nations, etc., – all using more or less the same words.

In 1974 the government removed our rights as doctors to tell parents when children came for contraception.

In England, because of same-sex legislation, Catholic adoption agencies have been outlawed. Because of same-sex marriage legislation, the exercising of the parental right to educate has been outlawed; because of same-sex marriage legislation the right to teach Christian sexual morality as an objective truth in educational institutions has been outlawed. Never before in the history of free men has our human right to be the primary educators of our children been removed!

Ladies and gentlemen! The demographic recovery of your great country will depend disproportionately on generous large families. They will depend upon the legal, legally enforceable guarantee of their God-given inalienable human right as primary educators. Through these families Russia will please God, become a Christian beacon of hope for all humanity.

Ajută la promovarea fundamentelor morale ale societății.


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