VIDEO Prăbușirea Occidentului


Noi și noi bariere cad, în marșul triumfal al „liberalismului”.

Distrugerea comunităților și atomizarea grupurilor, permanenta și în continua dilatare ruptură dintre bărbați și femei, dispariția valorilor comune, a standardelor și a normelor morale care au caracterizat civilizația europeană și imigrația masivă a unor populații total incompatibile au dus-o pe aceasta în agonie. Transsexualii, „antifasciștii” și feministele sunt adevărații moștenitori intelectuali ai Vestului.

Acesta este finalul jocului. Occidentul a pierdut. De acum, e doar o problemă de timp până ce acest lucru va deveni evident pentru toată lumea.

Ajută la promovarea fundamentelor morale ale societății.


  1. „This is hilarious coming from a Jew.

    BigBossMSF2 weeks ago
    Wait a Jew made this video? Then it is obvious he wished to shift the blame from his people to Mexicans alone so whites can hate them and create even more hatred among the people, just like Hitler said. It is Jews who do this immigrant pushing after all. If we close the borders for a while and have them assimilate, with the wall, then their Jewish bullshit will be curbed.

    Phillip IV2 weeks ago
    BPS is a fat short hooked nose Jew.
    His job is to get you to hate everyone else but the Kike.
    Just look who is responsible for the immigration laws changed in the US and Europe.
    Why do you think Jews created the Alt-Right or better known as the Alt-Kike?
    I hate to say this,but every time a nation gets nationalistic it is brought down by the Kike.

    So be wary of BPS and any Jew spewing hate towards others.

    Sodok1 week ago (edited)
    Good to see someone call out the alt-right for the jew run movement that it is. The asslicker of jews, Jared Taylor is hailed as a prominent figure in the alt-right but he has stated himself that he views jews as whites and that he has no problems with them at ALL while at the same time he’s against multiculturalism and white genocide which jews are 100% behind. He criticizes every group of people, specially muslims and islam(GEE I WONDER WHY) but he never says one word against the jews.
    His platform the American Renaissance which represents the alt-right, He admitted that jews were part of it since the very start and that they are still part of it, which is not suprising given that they also invite zionist rabbis to talk in their conferences. Any jew-wise person that claims to be part of the alt-right is a fucking idiotic fool and is just playing into the hands of the jews.


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