VIDEO Efeminarea Occidentului (cu Faith Goldy)


Apuse sunt zilele masculinității vibrante, când arhetipul garycooper-ian și „rolurile de gen” incitau bărbații într-o competiție fizică și monetară pentru cucerirea doamnelor și progresul real al civilizației. Astăzi suntem obișnuiți cu bărbați care protestează contra valurilor de agresiuni sexuale împotriva femeilor… purtând minijupe pe stradă, în semn de „solidaritate”.

Asta o știm, este o realitate. Dar ce ne spune știința? Știința confirmă: Occidentul se confruntă cu un mare defiicit de testosteron. Din anii 1960 începând, nivelul de testosteron scade cu 1% anual, indiferent de grupele de vârstă studiate. De asemenea, oligospermia – o cauză majoră a infertilității – afectează 1 din 5 bărbați.

Să fie acestea motivele pentru care „refugiații” care intră în Europa cu milioanele sunt în majoritate bărbați în putere care se comportă ca și cum ar ști că au intrat într-o lume din care bărbații au cam dispărut…?

Faith Goldy este canadiană și a lucrat pentru grupul, unde a realizat analize și interviuri despre societate, feminism și sexualitate, dintr-o perspectivă conservatoare. Ea face parte dintr-un curent în creștere de tinere femei cu vederi pro-familie și pro-viață, pe care încercăm să vi le aducem în atenție pe blogul nostru.

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Ajută la promovarea fundamentelor morale ale societății.


  1. Soia ?

    Comentariile de la acest videoclip :

    „Non-GMO Soy is actually very healthy.What about xenoestrogens and hormones found in cow milk (very promoted) ? Or about pornography and masturbation ? Or about junk food ,GMO food,meat with hormones ? Nothing?Pathetic .

    The reason why soy is doing this is because its so heavily genetically modified. The government want us to eat this shit to decrease the population and make men either gay or infertile

    Simple solution, stop eating meat, a lot of it is fed with soy. A vegan diet doesn’t need to include soy, but the majority of the population has not the slightest idea about nutrition. Your testosterone will be higher on a researched vegan diet than a vegetarian, or meat diet, it’s easily avoided. But society is taught that a man that doesn’t suck on a cows tit at 40 years old is effeminate, bought and paid for propaganda brought to you from the meat and dairy industry. I like how you don’t mention things like beer or eggs either, which are far higher in estrogens than soy, biased uninformed report about nutrition. Disappointing Stick to politics.

    Too bad intake of soy has been shown to not decrease testosterone. Vegans tend to have higher levels than non-vegans, and vegans generally eat more soy. This video is just disappointing and full of pseudoscience. A serving of beer has something like a hundred times more phytoestrogens than a serving of soy does.

    The evidence in this video is based on GMO soy made by Monsanto (cunts). Natural soy is known to actually inhibit oestrogen receptors.


    And don’t skip leg day! The legs and buttocks is the largest muscle group on the body and working your legs out is proven to boost the production of testosterone!

    give up porn, smoking, drinking , estrogen raising foods, eat more banana, hit the gym, abstain from sex and masturbation for longer periods to help raise the testosterone. semen retention works wonders BTW I’ve also heard they give injections with estrogen hormones to the chickens. so, chicken is out of the list too.

    This „soy gives you man boobs” myth has been debunked soooo many times. All the studies are unreliable and cherry picked. Animal products contain naturally occurring hormones in mass quantities. Milk and steak will give you man boobs, not soy. The left is anti-science; don’t become what you despise.

    soy probably doesn’t have half the effect of all those birth control pills young girls take that get recycled into the water supply. In addition, all the plastics and other estrogen like stuff. Saw a group of young boys walking my dog that were swimming in a backyard pool. When I was a kid, everyone of those boys would have been nick named fatso. Couldn’t see a rib on any of them.

    This is not well researched. Soy does not decrease testosterone unless in VERY high amounts. Vegans have higher testosterone levels than meat eaters and Vegans eat more soy than any other dietary group.

    Soy and estrogens: This is such old and debunked science. How about contemplating diary. There you have your hormone cocktail from a lactating, pregnant cow which you should actually worry about.

    Look at facts. Asians eat more soy than all other countries. They have larger populations while consuming the least of viagra. It’s the high fat, junk food diets full of animal cholesterol that cause these problems, NOT soy. Also GM soy is fed to cattle which people then eat, not humans.

  2. Băi se propagă răul, anormalitatea, prin răspandirea de informaţii false de tipul homosexualitatea genetică.Aceii oameni de stiinţă au cedat presiunilor şi au comunicat sub expertiza care li se recunosc în domeniile lor informatii false dere genetica homosexualitaţii.Occidentul este naiv şi manipulat :multiculturalism , multietnicism , acceptarea imigranţilor şi homosexualitatea.


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