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„Mugged by Reality” Russia is defending the Christian Culture

Friedrich Hansen *

Consider my thesis: The much celebrated fall of the Berlin Wall was not properly understood in the West for what it really was: a rejection of universalism and egalitarianism plus a vote for particularism. Well this said in hindsight and in view of the unintended consequences which became only visible afterwards, as they surely often do. Yet as a result of cognitive failure the egalitarian ideology got even stronger in the West. Thus the fruits of the Cold War victory were lost completely with egalitarianism coming home to roost. Philip Rieff, the late American sociologist, anticipated this outcome in the 1960ies when he suggested that the disruptive consequences of the sexual revolution of the 1960ies would be much worse than those of the socialist revolution of 1917. It is only now that we can fully see the truth of this. Against barbarian anti-Western forces like ISIS, all the more dangerous for being a reaction to Western decadence, we can surely say that both previously antagonistic Cold War powers had more in common than they would admit. After all both were secular behemoths aiming for a system of universal equality.

Yet only Russia has been „mugged by reality“ with the collapse in 1989 of her social egalitarian utopia and she is now reaping the fruits of this purge. Right now Russia is experiencing a renaissance of difference, religion and particularism – giving her a strategic advantage over the West. The great economist Friedrich Hayek long ago explained this paradox of the Enlightenment, telling us that gradual reform under a commercial regime of individuality in a free market could eventually mainstream the same values as a collectivist revolution under a totalitarian system introducing those values with shock and awe. Both would end on pretty much the same “road to serfdom”, which is the title of his famous book published immediately after the collapse of the Nazi regime.

This is were the West finds itself with the liberal tyranny pontificating over moral anarchy after the commercialized sexual revolution is about to reach its climax. This is likely to end in tears or with a collapse of civil coherence. For love between equals or love of sameness is impossible and inevitably creates violence. In fact the present power of LGBT advocacy rests on its dubious economic potential or its capability of lifting a host of erstwhile underground businesses or black markets into respected echelons – cases in point being pornography, prostitution, illicit drugs, sex slavery and even part of the weapons trade. It is no coincidence just this summer precisely those illicit markets have been declared by the European Union as economic activities to be included into the official GDP accounting. This is a transparent attempt at “sexing up” the stagnant, zero-growth European economies in sync with the Western assault on the Ukraine.

This brings us back to the purge of egalitarianism in the former communist block. It has left those countries not only with a religious revival but even more so with cultural sensibilities loath to globalization and particularly the imposition of so called universal values. This is why many in the region say that just as the conflict in Georgia was specifically about the LGBT agenda and Westernisation so is the conflict over Ukraine. In a talk delivered on September 12th in Moscow at the „Forum for large Families” Georgian Levan Vasadze revealed details about the Eastern version of the gender wars:

„The 9 year long rule of the previous political regime under Mikhail Saakashvili was especially harsh for the country. During his reign some 330 thousand people were put in jail, this is 7.5% of the country’s total population, 10% of ethnic Georgians and 35% of working age Georgian men. In prisons mass torture, humiliation, mutilation, murders and what is even worse than death in our culture, raping of male prisoners were regular practice by the personnel.”

The tyranny of George W. Bush’s protégée Saakashvili ended in October 2012 with his defeat in national elections shortly after a video went public which was taken inside the Gldani prison in Tiblisi. It showed prisoners being beaten and sodomized. An expanded documentary by one of the most accomplished Russian film makers focussing on the link between Westernisation and LGBT tyranny will be published on YouTube under the title „Sodom”. Vasadze told me in Moscow that thousands of prisoners had in fact been abused with anal torture in order to break resistance against Western gender main streaming. To this day Georgian NGOs lavishly financed by George Soros and other foreign donors spend tens of millions of dollars annually on propaganda for sexual inhibition, contraception, legalization of drugs and battling with the orthodox Christian church. Given the revival of religion and particularism in the former socialist block these NGOs are presently destabilizing societies struggling for a new political order.

Against this president Vladimir Putin, who knows a thing about top down revolutions, offers a respite and a refuge of hope to escape the demoralizing juggernaut of the global gender cottage industry. Putin is right now perhaps the most underrated international politician, constantly portrayed in the West as wily and corrupt. Putin by contrast has precisely figured out the fault lines of the egalitarian universal gender racket. Therefore he has taken prudent measures to protect his country against this folly. Already other BRICS and non-Western players have taken notice and tend to side with Putin. Even Israel has been extremely careful to not taking sides during the Crimean crisis and Ukraine conflict thanks to Russian immigrant turned foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman.

Historically Judaism survived only because of its inseparable and unique combination of monotheism and monogamy creating the most valuable currency on earth which is trust in generous offspring and unity. By contrast Hamas and LGBT for all their differences share the one thing putting them at odds with Israel which is the contempt for life, family and truth. This is every so often revealed by the strong liberal media bias towards Hamas’ agenda. Israel has the most children all over the West and promotes the traditional family as the only means for the Jewish state to compensate for the millions killed in the Holocaust. President Obama for obscure reasons has bought into a pro-choice agendas on steroids and is in denial of the moral rottenness of his liberal constituency. Under his rule Americas birth rate has dropped below replacement level for the first time in its history. Liberals congratulate for unlimited individual autonomy, resulting in millions of abortions, eugenic selection of offspring, euthanasia and the radical abolition of children’s rights in same-sex adoption.

Israel benefits of course from the Russian mass immigration after the collapse of the Soviet Union. It has not only invigorated the Jewish state by adding nearly one sixth to the Jewish population but also gave Israel a most welcome shot of political realism helping her with balancing out lopsided egalitarianism. It is for this reason that Israel has been particularly careful not formally embracing gender main streaming, for that could undermine the foundations of Israel. For to put it mildly the West does itself no favour either by lifting sodomy into the realm of public respectability and committing fully to the gender wars on this behalf. It is a dangerous game and a kind of headless or panic-striken policy.

With Yom Kippur just past and its call for atonement the notion to turn a transgression into an identity, as LGBT is attempting to do, strikes me as particularly odd. Not long ago homosexuality has been still regarded by the followers of Sigmund Freud as a medically treatable addiction just like alcoholism. Even Hillary Clinton just confessed her silent opposition towards same sex marriage lasting till unbelievable 2013 – by that perhaps cautiously distancing herself from the gender agenda to prop up her presidential aspirations for 2016. It is only the aggressive LGBT campaigners who keep spreading the tragic confusion of human rights with gay rights. There is of course no human right to sodomy and the response to this abomination in the Arab world is getting more violent by the day.

We have to remind ourselves that the Islamist cell that was responsible for the catastrophe of 9/11 originated from Hamburg, which attracts tourists worldwide with its decadent red light district St Pauli. It was the encounter basically with the unbridled modernity and declining Western morals, a result of unleashing the sexual revolution, that inflamed those Islamists. They do not spring from Riyadh or Tehran. Ruhollah Chomeini’s Islamic revolution of 1979 originated in just another Western sex capital: Paris. Yet the lesson has still not been learned. Again ISIS is recruiting its most radical followers, estimated in the thousands with ten percent females, among uprooted Muslims with Western backgrounds.

Western leaders seem not exactly prepared for this. To the contrary: one of the first Russian politicians personally targeted by Western anti-Russian sanctions on behalf of the Ukraine has been Yelena Mizulina. She had introduced one of the most innocent laws ever passed in the Duma, a law aimed at protecting the rights of children against LGBT infringements in Russia. Doesn’t seem plausible at all and yet all you need to know is that the gender wars have become a top priority of American foreign policy under President Barack Obama. So it makes sense that he personally declared a US national wartime emergency over Ukraine and invoked Presidential powers to ban and sanction two Christian, pro-life Russian members of the World Congress of Families (WCF) planning committee that had scheduled its international congress in Moscow this year. Obama’s Presidential declaration of emergency suspended habeus corpus and effectively prevented any dealings between Russian pro-life leaders and WCF founder Dr Allan Carlson. This gave President Putin the opportunity to step in and the event could go ahead anyway in mid-September. The few American attendees that managed to escape Obama’s bad faith told me that they will face legal persecution for showing up in Moscow once they get back to the US.

LGBT flag over the US Embassy in Madrid, Spain, 2014

We witnessed the rainbow banner being flagged at embassies around the world this summer. No other lobby group has pulled off anything like this in diplomatic history. The German secretary for the family personally put the gay banner out at her office. Not to be outdone the American embassy in Tel Aviv followed suit and Hamas responded by scheduling its first ever gay pride parade in war torn Gaza-City. Also this summer new legislation has been introduced in the U.S. Congress that would make permanent the elevation by President Barack Obama of the promotion of LGBT rights as a priority for US foreign already originally stated in his presidential directive of December 2011. Well a foreign policy priority seems good enough to justify war as we are seeing in Ukraine.

* Dr. Friedrich Hansen is a physician and writer. He has researched Islamic Enlightenment in Jerusalem and has networked on behalf of the Maimonides Prize. Previous journalistic and academic historical work in Germany, Britain and Australia. He is currently working in Germany.

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