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The first Romanian “40 Days for Life” has ended. Will it, as the “March for Life”, become a national event?

“If My people, which are called by My name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” (2 Chronicles 7:14)

The first Romanian „40 Days for Life” campaign ended in Cluj-Napoca (biggest city in north-western part of Romania) on 29 March. On the evening of our final day of vigil and prayer, the final event of this first campaign took place, where volunteers met to share their experiences throughout the campaign. Testimonials, time to connect with others, but also talks about our next pro-life projects, took center-stage during the meeting, as this campaign aims to be only a beginning.

A first effect of our pro-life action is the creation of family spirit among Christians in Cluj. Numerous testimonials state that this aspect was the one most felt throughout the hours of vigil spent in the street: the power of prayer to bring the children of God together. Thus, throughout the 40 days, friendships were made and prayers were said in communion, regardless of denomination, and this closeness is due to the love for Christ and for the cause of life shared by all people present in the streets.

At the same time, the fight for life was proof of the authenticity of Christianity, through the courage of each volunteer to step out of their comfort zone and to publically confess their faith, which for many of them was a novel experience. Whether this was done enthusiastically or with some restraint, this testimony was one of the reasons for which everybody involved felt grateful, as the campaign offered them a chance to manifest their faith publically.

Probably one of the most important outcomes of this pro-life campaign is the establishment of a loving and persevering spirit. Despite unpleasant opinions and discussions and the incident that occurred in the first few days – with the vandalizing of the “Dominic Stanca” Clinic by pro-abortion protesters – or various criticism, appreciation was also never lacking. Once the volunteers were seen sitting in prayer daily, form morning until evening, regardless of weather conditions, and in a peaceful manner, admiration began to increase.

The pinnacle of our action happened on Saturday, 28 March, when the volunteers renovated the clinic wall, which was vandalized with pro-abortion messages. The labor was immense and brought the volunteers together, and all renovation materials were donated. This tiny project was proof that God turns everything to goodness, that there is much commitment and passion in the hearts of those who were a part of this pro-life campaign, and that each trial becomes strengthening with His help.

“The 39th day of vigil and prayer for life meant, on top of the usual schedule, a lot, a looot of work. As the photos published throughout the day have already shown, the volunteers mobilized to renovate the “Dominic Stanca” Clinic. The help of our Father came without delay: the work was possible to do, as it did not rain. From morning until evening, the little building site in front of the clinic was teeming with people eager to make a change for the better. And there, it was possible! As of today, “Dominic Stanca” is reborn!” we posted on Facebook at the time.

campanie_anti_avort2_0 20918_390901401116310_1399282749438953286_n 10985858_390977064442077_6610794479697510769_n This was the first 40 Days for Life, blessed through prayer and communion. It highlighted the sanctity and dignity of human life, marked a battle to change the prevailing mentality, and offered Christians a chance to be together, in the name of their Creator. In Cluj-Napoca, the pro-life movement bore wonderful fruit. And this is just a beginning.

For more, please check out the campaign’s FB page,

We hope that the next campaign will unite as many cities as possible in fasting, prayer and vigil for an end to abortion in our country. If the “March for Life” could become a national event in only 4 years, why should it not be the same for “40 Days”?

Iulia și Dan Călinescu
Iulia și Dan Călinescu
Iulia și Dan Călinescu sunt căsătoriți și au 4 copii. Au fost coordonatorii proiectului „40 de zile pentru viață” în România și ai organizației „LifeNation”.

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